Open Letter to Pet Owners

Hints on Home Security – Whilst you are Away
January 25, 2017
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Selecting the right pet sitter for you
February 16, 2017

Open Letter to Pet Owners

We know that you have busy lives and that you have budget constraints. We even understand why you would consider asking your neighbour’s teenage daughter to care for your pets whilst you are away. We do understand your need to find a convenient ( and less expensive) pet-care solution. However, we would urge you consider the welfare of your pets whilst you are away.

You may have read some of the recent news reports detailing crimes committed against pets and property by alleged “pet sitters” or domestic/general staff left to care for both the home and the pets. Time and again we have received reports of teenagers hired as “pet sitters” trashing a home. It is not to say that all teenagers are a risk, but can you afford to take the chance? What if personal possessions go missing? Most home insurance schemes do not cover loss due to the actions of a non-professional sitter. Many sitters carry no on- site insurance.We take care of this worry by on the one hand providing public liability insurance cover for all of our assignments and on the other, provision of mature, professional, pet loving sitters.

We receive constant daily feed-back from our professional sitters. Our sitters share their experiences with us and their co sitters. Our pet and home sitters are trained to recognise symptoms of any illness in your pet. At the same time, we make it our business to introduce ourselves to as many of your local vets as we can. In fact we receive many pet and home sitting enquiries via the vet’s clinic.

There is no substitute for professionalism, maturity and peace of mind. Sadly, there are still many pet owners that engage the services of a pet or home sitter who has little experience and often no training. Your beloved pets deserve more!

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